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Pete Kronowitt

Activist with a music problem. If Steve Earle and Elvis Costello got pissed enough to write political tunes, they would sound like Pete Kronowitt songs. 
//  Origin:  San Francisco, CA
//  Genres:  Folk pop, Americana
//  Years Active:  1993- Present
//  Label:  Mean Bean Records

“With a lilting classic folk set-up, Pete Kronowitt has crafted a contemporary rallying cry that’ll have you up on your feet.” - Americana Highways 

“Kronowitt brings paternal warmth and hummable hooks to his crafty brand of folk, rekindling the voices of Jim Croce and Jack Johnson.” – Glide Magazine

“Plenty of Wood Guthrie, Phil Ochs, Eric Andersen styles… Do Something Now is political, playful and in varied traditional manners… the melodies are strong.” - Americana Highways

“…a plea for preservation, protection and conservation… Kronowitt focuses on conscience, concern and a message meant to inspire activism at a time when it’s sorely needed.” -American Songwriter

"Do Something Now … minces no words in telling listeners to "get off your ass," is downright bouncy with a catchy earworm chorus.”
- antiMusic

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Label: Mean Bean Records |

Management: Charlie Stewart  |

PR: Sideways Media, Monica Hopman |

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